Saturday, 18 March 2017

Score 150+ in IIT JEE Mains 2017 in 15 Days

Are you feeling scared about exam because it’s near? Thinking about negative things like what will happen if you fail? You must have heard the famous quote “Failure is the key to success”. So, stop thinking negative and start thinking about how you can Score 150+ in IIT JEE Mains 2017 in 15 days. Yes, just in 15 days. Want to know some amazing tricks for this? Then read the list of Top 5 ways to score 150+ in IIT JEE Mains 2017.

Top 5 Tips to score 150+ in IIT JEE Mains 2017
Top 5 Tips to score 150+

I hope these steps will help you a lot if you will follow it properly. Daily 5-6 hours is enough if you study with full concentration. Avoid games, phone calls, TV shows, movies, hang outs for some time and you will easily crack 150 marks in JEE MAINS.

Let us see at the 5 ways.

Top 5 Tips to score 150+ in IIT JEE Mains 2017 in 15 Days

1. Prepare a Schedule

To start preparation for your JEE Mains Exam 2017 you can create a schedule to study. It is helpful to you if you are preparing the schedule and according to that schedule start preparing. Follow the schedule properly and keep highlighting the topics which you have completed. Don’t forget to keep on revising that topics.

2. Don’t waste Your Time.

While we are studying, our mind thinks about other things a lot. So, this is mandatory to study with full concentration without attempting any kind of distraction. If you are boar to learn same subject, then divide the time according to your interest of subject. You can schedule your preparation chart which includes break time also in that time you can do anything you want. In this way, you will study properly and your time is not wasted.

3. Be Confident

Don’t take tension regarding your examinations. Decide your goal for the exam so that you can do the preparation of your examination according the goal that you decided to achieve. Think positive and prepare a chart in such a way that you have only 15 days remaining and you have to score 150+ in IIT JEE MAIN exam even if there are months remaining.

How to Crack Jee Main 2017 in Last Days - Tips and Tricks


4. Don’t Distract While Studying

When you are preparing for your examination avoid to use your phones or keep your phone in the silent mode so that you are not distracted from the study. While Preparing if your favourite TV Show will be coming at same time then try to avoid for watching for few days.

5. Test Yourself

After completing your preparation for your mains exam, you can also give online test or mock test so that you will be confident that what you learn is remember to you or not. There are also some websites for the JEE Main online test or quiz or you can practice with previous year  papers and Jee main Sample Papers . This is the best practice to revise whatever you learn.

We wish you All the Best. I hope these Top 5 tips will help you in many ways for preparing for JEE Examinations. I hope you all get eligible for JEE Advance. Best Wishes!

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  1. Its very challenging In the IIT Jee exam. I am using video lectures for IIT Jee for IIT JEE preparation. can i crack this exam.

  2. This is really a great post for someone trying to score high in JEE. In all the points I prefer the Distraction While Studying. Now a days mobile and internet increased it widely and parents ignore that.

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